Twisted Ramble Games

Twisted Ramble Games is the delightful combination of two Berlin based, independent Game Designers. While one focuses on everything art and design the other one tackles narative design and code. In order to create innovative and smooth game mechanics they put their heads together during analog and digital prototyping. They provide services in their respective fields separately or as a duo to clients while working on their first commercial game, Duru.


Game Design

We create concepts (Game Design Documents) and prototypes, digital as well as analog.

2D Art

Character and Production Design for different genres and settings: sketches, concepts and animations.

Narrative Design

Development of overall story arches, settings and characters; texting for quests and dialogs (English and German).



Finally Duru, our beloved mole rat game project, got it's very own landing page. If you like to get to know Tuli and her not quite so beloved companion Bel.
Check it out!

Gearing up!

We're going to devcom! After we got ourselfes a new website and a new logo we geared up. Equipped with freshly printed calling cards and even t-shirts we're looking forward to all the talks and panels and conecting with all the game designer and artists!

Previous Projects


Mobile Tower Attack Game

During one warm sommer night an extraterrestrial creature appears in a peaceful city. It grows through the streets, having only one goal in mind: reaching the holiday home of the President to subdue Earth!

Anund & Gripe

Character Design

Anund and Gripe always were inseperable. Now they've grown old and as Gripe feels his 9th life fading away he persuades Anund to go on one last adventure: finding the treasure of the sunken ship "Flor de la Mar".


An AR Globe Parcours

As a Meeple the globe is a dangerous place. Unable to find a way on their own, they need the player to assist them on their way to find the cube in the center of their world.


Enviromental Brand Puzzler

All over the globe are living endangered species. Many of them are brought to the brink of extinction by poachers. In Savari, players help animals like elephants and tortoises to avoid hunters and reach a safe haven.


2D Enviroment Design

In this 2D-Tablet game the player slips into the roles of the different children that help the Voodoo Queen Maveau and her beloved pets to find a new home after the Mississippi flood in 1927.


Verena Hetsch

2D Art, Animation, Concept

Born in Berlin but raised in different places of Central Asia Verena got to know different cultures and even picked up Russian as a second language. She returned to her home town to study and met Kerstin at Game Design classes.

Although interested in the conception of game mechanics (and to Kerstins delight even programming) Verena truly shines as an artist and an animator. She loves to experiment with new and old media to the point where she creates background textures out of root vegetables. With her distinctive style you are able to pick out her characters and illustrations anywhere.

With a profound knowledge of animal details that nobody knows or wants to know about, Verena can ramble on for hours sophisticatedly mixing words and noises. She ceases to do so when she teaches students at university the ground rules of game conception.

Kerstin Schütt

Narative Design, Concept, Programming

After finishing her bachelors degree in Computer Science at TU Berlin Kerstin decided to follow her original plan of becoming a Game Desinger by enroling at HTW Berlin in the respective field of study. There she met Verena and worked with her on various projects.

During her studies Kerstin focused on narrative design. Her goal is the creation of story rich games with specific subjects that are still entertaining and might help people get different perspectives. Currently she works together with Verena as Freelancers while also teaching the joys of programming to game designers at university.

She is a container for a ton of specific bits of knowledge since she draws inspiration from everything starting with philosophy and history and not ending with cultures of the world and random people on the subway, proudly holding up the title Twisted Rambler in every conversation.


If you are interested in what we do, want to work with us or have any other kind of question send us an e-mail and we get in touch with you as soon as possible.