About us

Kinda Funny Serious Games

Stigmatized Topics in Games

Our games tell stories about stigmatized topics like mental illness, social constraints and cultural differences. We want to tell those stories from different perspectives and strengthen awareness. Thus we give new ways to solve problems and react healthier to difficult situations or persons affected by one of these topics and close the gap between serious games and entertainment. 

Our first game “Duru” is about a mental health topic and currently in production.

Our Mission

Providing Food for Thought

Well-crafted narratives let players delve into stigmatized topics and learn more about them in a respectful way.

Serving a Feast for the Eyes

Our distinctive art style rounds off the experience and takes players to another world.

Educating for a Social World

Based on expert knowledge we share experiences in form of stories told with respect and a pinch of humour to keep the distance.

Our Team

Twisted Ramble Games is the combination of three Berlin based, independent Game Designers.