Meet the Twisted Ramblers

Kerstin Schütt

Narrative Design, Concept, Programming

After finishing her bachelors degree in Computer Science at TU Berlin Kerstin decided to follow her original plan of becoming a Game Desinger by enroling at HTW Berlin in the respective field of study. There she met Verena and worked with her on various projects.

During her studies Kerstin focused on narrative design. Her goal is the creation of story rich games with specific subjects that are still entertaining and might help people get different perspectives. Currently she works together with Verena as Freelancers while also teaching the joys of programming to game designers at university.

She is a container for a ton of specific bits of knowledge since she draws inspiration from everything starting with philosophy and history and not ending with cultures of the world and random people on the subway, proudly holding up the title Twisted Rambler in every conversation.

Verena Hetsch

2D Art, Animation, Concept

Born in Berlin but raised in different places of Central Asia Verena got to know different cultures and even picked up Russian as a second language. She returned to her home town to study and met Kerstin at Game Design classes.

Although interested in the conception of game mechanics (and to Kerstins delight even programming) Verena truly shines as an artist and an animator. She loves to experiment with new and old media to the point where she creates background textures out of root vegetables. With her distinctive style you are able to pick out her characters and illustrations anywhere.

With a profound knowledge of animal details that nobody knows or wants to know about, Verena can ramble on for hours sophisticatedly mixing words and noises. She ceases to do so when she teaches students at university the ground rules of game conception.